Book Marketing From Your Couch

  Social media can be confusing, but book marketing from the couch is easy once you learn how. Discover how to grow your Facebook author page from zero to thousands of followers. Learn how to reach readers on Instagram and Twitter. Have fun connecting with your audience from the privacy of your own home! Start a FacebookContinue reading “Book Marketing From Your Couch”

What makes a book “good?”

Reading and Writing are tied together like puzzle pieces. If something is boring to write (like a thank you card) it will also be boring to read. That’s why it’s so important to think about what makes reading and writing exciting. This post contains the outline for a writing lesson I did with my son’sContinue reading “What makes a book “good?””

Ten Revising Tips for Writers

Here are the top ten revising rules I live by as a writer: Avoid adverbs whenever possible. Adverbs can signal weak verbs. Do a “find and search” for commonly overused words such as: just, even, that, really, going to, or whatever your pet-problem-words happen to be. Unless you are writing for young children, limit speaker tagsContinue reading “Ten Revising Tips for Writers”

Understanding Story Arcs

There’s nothing like crawling around the kitchen floor–marker in hand–to understand a book’s true structure. In my case, I map out arcs for every character. What’s an “arc”? Good question, because it’s a bit confusing. Sometimes you’ll hear “ARC” and it means “Advance Review Copy” for a book that has not yet been published. Other times,Continue reading “Understanding Story Arcs”

How and Why I Started Writing

Eight years ago I wrote my first novel and it went nowhere. In retrospect, I can see why. Did I make my first ten pages count? Unfortunately, no. My inciting incident didn’t happen until page thirty. Was my book in an easy to pigeon-hole genre? No, not really. I marketed it as chick-lit in my queryContinue reading “How and Why I Started Writing”

Make Barbie Suffer…and other tips to add tension to your plot

Two of the best writing tips I ever got were from Kim Purcell, author of Trafficked during a workshop she gave many years ago at the Write on the Sound conference in Edmonds, WA. When we entered the classroom there was a basket covered with a cloth. “What’s in the basket?” we all wondered for the first five minutesContinue reading “Make Barbie Suffer…and other tips to add tension to your plot”

Map your Characters

  Click Character_Map to download the PDF. Are you an aspiring author? One of the hardest things about writing a book is making your characters seem alive. By the 22nd revision of a manuscript, you should know your characters innermost thoughts. In your imagination, you can project their futures, and describe their pasts.  If Good Morning America interviewedContinue reading “Map your Characters”

Make your first ten pages count

Many writers dream of becoming authors their whole life. When they complete their first manuscript the usual question is “Now what?” The traditional path to publication is arduous and involves query letters, agents, editors, and submissions. The self-publishing route can be even harder. But no matter which option a writer chooses, the first ten pagesContinue reading “Make your first ten pages count”